Tuesday, November 11, 2008

police on serunkuma rd, mbuya, kampala, uganda

police in holga style phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda

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  1. today we begin on a new tack. or jibe? i can never tell if i'm going with or against the wind. sometimes... anyway. a while back, i mentioned the idea of putting a cheap lens on my camera to replicate the low-fi look of the holga/diana/lomo toy camera scene.

    well, today with the help of a little twine and gaffers tape i managed to piece together a suitable lens from my collection. i'll post a picture and technical details of it soon so you can see what i'm talking about.

    i think i'm going to spend the next few weeks shooting exclusively with this set-up. it puts some of the unknown excitement back in photography, because the lens behaves a little differently than i'm used to. i'm going to crop everything to square, as if i were using 120 film.

    i'll probably keep it all black and white, too. good practice, because i'm not sure if i really know how to see in black and white. i may throw some kodachrome color in there, though, we'll see.

    and the irony (if it is that) of using a $3500 camera to copy the look of a $35 camera is not lost on me.