Saturday, November 22, 2008

guard in front of uganda telecom, kampala

guard kampala phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda

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  1. ok, so i'm not keeping my word. i know i said that i was going to shoot mostly square and black & white with this lens. but i see in color, and i hate cropping.

    i think it would make a big difference if the film (sensor) were square and the viewfinder were square. maybe there is some kind of mask you can put on the viewfinder or focusing screen. i've just always had a hard time cropping my images, and as such have always worked hard to get into the right position with the right lens so i fill the frame with everything i want and nothing i don't.

    i'm not saying that i'm successful at that, it's just what i try to do.

    so it's hard for me to take pictures and crop square later. now the black & white is another issue entirely. i just have no idea how to see a good black & white photo.