Thursday, May 28, 2009

seed distribution in nakapiripirit district - karamoja region uganda

seed distribution in nakapiripirit philip bowen photographer kampala ugandaseed distribution in nakapiripirit philip bowen photographer kampala uganda


  1. more documentary photography for save the children in uganda, here in nakapiripirit district, the southern part of the karamoja region.

    distributing seeds for planting - sorghum, beans, and g-nuts (ground nuts, peanuts). the idea is to promote alternative ways to make an income and get food. too much violence surrounding cattle keeping.

    in just about every situation my favorite lens is my 16-35mm wide angle zoom. and here we have examples of it at both ends of the zoom. i bet >95% of my photos with this lens are at 16mm or 35mm, nothing in between. i tend to view a scene and decide if i want a wide angle or a more normal view, go that direction with the lens, and then move around to compose.

    zoom lenses have a bit of a disadvantage to prime lenses of similar focal length in that all the extra mechanics and lens groups that go in to the zoom lens make it slower in terms of light gathering and also degrade the image quality, especially as you move away from the center of the image.

    the current lens i covet is the 35mm f/1.4. the image quality of that lens is a lot better than my zoom lens at 35mm, and it's much better in low light, too. but i always want the option of a wide view and that means i'd have to be carrying two cameras. there's always trade-offs. but that techie, problem-solving aspect of photography is one of the things i like about it so much.

  2. Dear Brother in Christ Phil,
    Thank you very much for these photos. They remind me of my childhood. I grew up in Moroto in the 1970s and had my schooling there in Moroto Municipal Council Primary school and later in Morot High School, but did not finish due to the war situation. That was in 1979 when Idi Amin was overthrown. My heart goes to the Karamojong people, though I'm not a Karamojong, but I share their sufferings. I hope you are doing God's work well in those troubled region of Uganda that has been neglected for decades.
    My e-mail is
    and my name is Isaac.
    Thanks and God bless,