Tuesday, June 30, 2009

self portrait with odin

self portrait with odin philip bowen photographer uganda


  1. whew, barely squeaked a photo in for june! i have no idea where that month went. probably to the handsome one on the left there.

    odin is growing up to become a real boy. mobile like crazy and keeping us on the move.

    self portraits with this camera/lens combo can be a challenge. minimum focus distance is half a meter and the camera weighs a lot and it's awkward to hold it right to be able to get to one of the shutter buttons.

    the setting sun acting as a hair light was intentional. the garage door providing a nice compositional element was not.

  2. What a sweet boy and what a handsome daddy! ;)


    P.S. He sure looks EXACTLY like . . . BOTH OF YOU!

  3. I love the thumb in mouth/pinching cheek combo! Seems like that's a standard pose for Odin. :)