Sunday, May 24, 2009

driving. karamoja uganda

karamoja landscape philip bowen photographer kampala ugandakaramoja rain clouds and rainbowe phil bowen photo kampala uganda

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  1. i didn't think i would be able to post images until i returned to kampala at week's end, but the internet is here.

    yesterday was a long travel day which for me began at 8am (6am wake up) and after some delays in various places (every place?) finished with arrival in moroto at 8:45pm.

    once we entered nakapiripirit district traveling north, i had miles and miles of empty plains on my left and mountains and escarpment on my right.

    these are some shots out the passenger window as we were moving along the (bumpy) road.

    high ISO in the fading light is necessary so i could have a relatively small (f/5.6) aperture for good depth of field as well as a very necessary fast shutter speed to stop the action of speeding and bumpiness.

    more to come. real photos of the people and places of karamoja start tomorrow.