Thursday, July 31, 2008

studio portraits of paige at 39 weeks


  1. Wow. What stunningly beautiful photographs! Especially the top two (okay, the black & white). Can't wait to meet that (not so little anymore) bean!

    xox Chicken Mama

  2. paige has been asking for real pregnant pictures for like a month+ and it was starting to get way more urgent than just a standard honey-do list item. i felt like i'd gotten some really good photos of her, but she (reasonably so) wanted to do a real shoot so she could do her hair, not wear glasses, etc.

    white on white was the main goal, but we also brought a couple outfits cos when you're all set up, it's a very small use of time to do a costume change vs how long it takes to set up the lighting initially.

    i had my new ring flash on the camera and triggered two other flashes via infrared. the IR wasn't 100% reliable because the ring covered up the master flash, but for the most part it was no problem. camera left is about 1/2 power through an umbrella, camera right is a bare flash at 1/64 to give some edge highlights.

    not bad for pretty much my first ever studio shoot. and i've never even used two flashes, let alone three. set the f/stop from your ambient, adjust power on the off-camera flashes as necessary. hopefully more of this kind of thing to come.