Sunday, July 27, 2008

the game goes on after the flames

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  1. this picture popped in the page views, not surprisingly.

    ultimate tournament at the maple plain polo grounds. typical polo grounds - initially in the middle of nowhere, now slowly (quickly?) getting surrounded by multi-million 6,000+ sq foot houses. this one started with wisps of smoke coming out of the roof vents. then clouds of smoke billowing and finally flames a plenty. it was pretty surreal. 800 frisbee players stopping to watch this home go up.

    i didn't get my camera for the fire. there would have been some amazing photos from up close of the wall of smoke before the flames got through. i dunno. something wide from above showing the house and everyone looking at it would have been pretty cool, too. i don't think there's a need to photograph tragedy unless it's your job.

    i like this one because there is this amazing thing in the background - you can tell it's recent (a little smoke, firefighters on the left) - but all these folks are more interested in the game.