Monday, August 3, 2009

peter, phil & odin self portrait - kampala traffic

odin and peter and phil kampala uganda photo


  1. odin's fever started spiking for real so we had a trip to the clinic today. of course all our vehicles were upcountry and i forgot to retrieve the car seat so we had to ride african style.

    i got this self portrait during a slow point in traffic. first try, nailed it! usually this is the kind of photo that i would put in the africa blog and write about there, but i think this one turned out perfect so it made the cut for PPAD. i love self portraits.

    speaking of love, odin loves riding in cars without facing backwards and without being buckled in. normally he hates sitting in laps, but in the car he was stoked. last week our pediatrician told us we had to wait a month before odin can face front in the car seat. he'd get a kick out of this photo.

    peter has been around since we moved here. we exercise together and he's been our go-to driver for airport runs, around town when we don't have a car, even to the field sites.

    converting to black and white from a color photo. i rarely think of doing it, for the most part i'm not that in to manipulating photos. with the G9, though, the images come out pretty grainy, even at high ISO, and i think that lends itself to a classic black and white look. i bumped up the grain in this one because it was lost in the downsizing of the picture.

  2. umm, i mean it's grainy even at low ISO. at high ISO the pictures look similar to a lite-brite

  3. grainy is good sometimes in my book. hope odin's ok.

  4. Hey Phil! Your still in town for a little right? I was wondering if I could meet with you one day to work on my flick. Or are you going to Surly practices this week?

    (952) 288-9173,

    PS. Feel free to delete this post.