Tuesday, August 11, 2009

karamajong boys in kotido uganda

karamajong boy in kotido uganda photo
karamajong boys in kotido uganda photo
karamajong warrior in kotido uganda photograph


  1. ok, so now we're getting in to the thick of things. due to the realities of ugandan field work, our day didn't really get started until around 6pm. finally out and about, i wanted some landscape photos and there was a rock, so i climbed it.

    beautiful landscape and sky, clouds and sun to set it off just right. these four kids saw me from afar and joined me on the rock. they were happy as could be and just what i needed after a somewhat frustrating day.

    i decided to take their photos wide angle since the setting was so great. i didn't need a long lens or wide aperature to get rid of distracting backgrouds.

    back down to the manyattas below, we found a ceremony going on. everyone jumping, singing and dancing. our guy said that it could be to signify the beginning of harvest. it was chaos even before we showed up, and then insert a white guy with two cameras...

    this one had the most body decoration i'd seen yet so i wanted a pic. it was a big challenge to isolate him in a photo because there were 100+ people around, most of whom were crowding to try and get in front of the camera.

  2. Those are some damn beautiful people.


  3. How did he achieve those decorative bumps on his skin?