Sunday, January 25, 2009

spotted hyena - queen elizabeth national park, uganda

spotted hyena queen elizabeth national park phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda

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  1. one of the highlights of our day's game drive in queen elizabeth national park was this spotted hyena. it trotted right towards us before veering behind our vehicle and across the track.

    it's the first hyena paige and i have seen in uganda, so while we couldn't deliver any lions for my mom, this was a decent substitute. hyenas are actually bigger than lions, and i think are the largest predator in africa. they are also somewhat misrepresented as stupid scavangers when, in fact, it is often the lions who will steal kills away from hyenas.

    this was my first photo of the day and i forgot to change settings, so i exposed it 2 1/3 stops dark. hello, RAW versatility. i'm also at high ISO for this camera, 500. the end result is kinda grainy and dark and i like it.

    a new discovery for me is that my 70-200mm lens has significant vignetting in the corners when i shoot at f/2.8 on my canon mark ii. the sensor is larger than my 20D, but i hadn't heard of any pro lenses producing vignetting on any of the bodies except maybe the 5D. will have to consult the forums and see if my lens has issues.

    though generally not a problem, as i like vignetting.