Monday, January 26, 2009

hatari the chipanzee - kyambura gorge, uganda

chimpanzee kyambura gorge queen elizabeth national park phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda


  1. my mom and i went chimp trekking in the kyambura gorge in queen elizabeth national park in southwest uganda. it's my third time chimp trekking and my second time at kyambura gorge.

    this trip produced by far the best sightings so far. we had significant time with this male, hatari, on the ground, as well as a female with a two- and a five-year old in trees. also with good, unobstructed views.

    i've been wanting primate pictures on the ground in the dense, dark jungle light since i got here. previous chimp sightings have been mostly in the trees, and both times with the mountain gorillas in rwanda and uganda, they spent most of their time in open clearings with plenty of light.

    so this was a treat. and i came away with some decent images.

    i have some focusing issues to work on, though. either me or my equipment, who knows. but i feel like i'm missing too many shots given the quality of my equipment. of course, user error is a possibility, but i think i'm doing the same thing on back-to-back shots and only hitting on one of five images sometimes.

    will investigate...

  2. i printed this photo today and got Dr Jane Goodall to sign it after she gave a speech here in kampala this evening. brought a sharpie along hoping to get the chance to meet her. it looks great and i'm stoked. she nailed the signature.

  3. Jane Goodall?! dude.

    Went to see an exhibit of "Lucy" the australopithicus afarensis fossil the other day- very powerful to see the real thing. They also had a bunch of exhibits on Ethiopian culture and history including pictures of your tuff-carved church. Pretty sweet.