Friday, September 7, 2007

birds from the ssese islands

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  1. we spent two nights on the ssese islands this wknd. we may be back there more often, having learned about a ferry that leaves from entebbe instead of masaka, making it a realistic two-day trip to get out of the city at minimal expense.

    we added six(?) new birds to our list, the northern brown-throated weaver being the only one pictured here.

    it's generally frowned upon to encroach on nesting birds to take photos as it can disturb the birds too much. weavers are super-social, though, and there was a little pavilion right under the weaver tree, so i was able to get right up to them. i don't think they were too sad.

    from top to bottom:
    little egret
    african open-billed stork
    hadada ibis
    northern brown-throated weaver
    orange weaver
    slender-billed weaver