Friday, August 31, 2007

just got a roll of bw400cn developed


  1. i may be having a film renaissance. hours spent on ebay looking for rangefinder cameras, researching where i can get powdered film processing chemicals. checking out prices on film scanners (ouch). i finally got a roll of film back that i finished about 3+ months ago. film gives you the excitement of rediscovering forgotten moments and the surprise at images turning out better or worse than expected that is largely absent with the constant, instant feedback of the lcd. and the work often begins after you shoot a digital image - in post processing. all of these images are just as they came from the negative.

    kodak bw400cn is a c41 process black and white film, meaning you can bring it anywhere to get it processed. i think it takes great pics, too! it gets really grainy in the dark, and some say you should shoot it at iso 320 but i can't adjust the iso on my camera. i can bump up the exposure compensation to +.5 but i'm not 100% sure that does the same thing.

    here we have revelers on the course of holmenkollen who adopted me as one of their own, kampala kids checking out the mzungu with the camera, paige on the pitch coaching ultimate, phil shooting elephant with decidedly more up-to-date tecnology, and my fave picture so far with this camera - the notoriously hard-to-photograph mom at lake mburo national park in uganda.

  2. phil,

    christa case here ... lost track of your e-mail address, and have been meaning to respond to your (February!) query about shooting photos for the Monitor in Africa. get in touch with me at