Wednesday, May 23, 2007

vervet, pensive, surveys the tile roofs

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  1. i actually took this in may, but forgot to put it up. i like it enough that i didn't want it to get buried in the archives so i'll leave it here for a while and then give it the correct date.

    monkeys are always around and are usually in some comic situation or pose, but i had not before nor have i since seen one like this. they're skittish, so i was hiding in some greenery to stay incognito. hence the green blur in the corners that i wish weren't there. an unbroken sea of tiles would be better.

    i have a 1.4x tele-extender that i use with my 70-200mm and my 135mm lenses. so that is the 1.4x category that is in my labels. it makes my 70-200mm's minimum aperature f/4, which ends up being a little soft. so i usually shoot at f/5.6 for sharpness, though that makes for more depth of field than i would like for animal photos.