Monday, November 30, 2009

Odin in our garden with a bunch of bananas

Odin in the garden with a bunch of bananas in Kampala Uganda


  1. I have Odin from 4-7 after Florence leaves and before Paige comes home from work. Usually it involves us running around in the garden playing with balls and doing camera experiments.

    Odin loves bananas. Last week he started going crazy pointing behind the chicken coop door. There was a whole fist of green bananas in there waiting to be ripe. We have 10-12 trees and they've been pretty productive lately.

    Yesterday I thought to get some photos of them before our gardener divies them up amongst the staff here.

    I hung my flash from an overhead tree branch and zoomed it in to spot the bananas.

  2. P-hillip....I love your blog. The pictures are wonderful and Odin is special! Bananas n' all. We've been to So. Africa, so all the photos brought back some wonderful memories of the country "over there". Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow, that is a bunch of bananas. A whole bunch. I can really see Paige in Odin in this shot.

  4. Nice blog with amazing picture of cutie holding the bunch of bananas in a Garden. It is fab..very very pretty shot.

  5. Now, that's a LOT of banana bread! (Fresh banana tree in the back yard, I can't imagine!)

    But, WHAT did you say about a chicken coop??? It's empty, I assume? You've never mentioned having chickens there!


  6. What a beautiful boy, and wonderful photos! I think Odin looks a lot like Paige, but he's also a great blend of both of you. Such a cutie.