Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kampala to West Nile to Acholiland to Kidepo to Karamoja to Kampala

12-day road trip covering 2500 kilometers of northern Uganda
driving self portrait in west nile region uganda
road trip through west nile region uganda
aloe in koboko district uganda
Aloe atop a 1000 foot rock in Koboko district
self portrait in moyo with a cycad
Self portrait in front of a cycad in Moyo district
odin sleeps under a long lasting insecticide treated mosquito net
The boy endures the tough life on the road
self portrait in land cruiser with the family bowen
on the road in kitgum district uganda
collecting aloe labworana seeds in kitgum district uganda
self portrait in pader district uganda
aloe and rocks in pader district uganda
woman and child bicycling in kitgum district uganda
I love the look of the kalabash over the baby's head
self portrait on game drive in kidepo valley national park uganda
female lichtenstein's sand grouse in kidepo valley national park uganda
game drive though kidepo valley national park uganda
lion in kidepo valley national park uganda
Lion photo by Paige
the circle of life kidepo valley national park uganda
Simba on pride rock
odin sleeps in the car seat
Whew! That was a long trip

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  1. From Sep 16 to 27 we did a clockwise circle from Kampala to northwest Uganda, across the northern border with Sudan, in to Kidepo Valley National Park (and, briefly, Sudan), then back down the eastern side through Karamoja and finally to Kampala.