Thursday, March 12, 2009

newell before sprint qualifying - trondheim norway

andy newell trondheim norway phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda

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  1. this wasn't what i had in my head when i was taking the photo, but after looking at it on the computer, it didn't take long to realize this would make a good high contrast black and white image.

    actually i think i got the idea from a lot of barack obama images i've seen lately. he's got a pretty distinctive profile and i've seen some pics with him speaking and it's just a shadow with the ring of light around his head.

    i moved some pixels around above andy's head. the light spot on the back of the wall was a little distracting so i moved it to the left so there was more dark above him. pretty sloppy job of it, actually, but it works fine for an 800px image.

    i do very little photoshopping of images, so i'll probably usually maybe give a disclaimer when i do.