Monday, June 30, 2008

tilt-shift perspective on the twins vs tigers


  1. Nice work, Paco -- you know how much I love the tilt-shift photography!

    Welcome back, hope to catch up with you guys soon.


  2. this is what claytron is referring to, check out the link to a great little audio slide show by vincent laforet for the new york times online.

    mr. laforet's photos are pretty sick. i remembered the kentucky derby and football shots but had forgotten about the baseball images. nice to see he had a similar perspective to what i was going for. that is, get the plane of focus to cover the pitcher and the batter.

    i don't know that i would buy a tilt-shift lens - $1000 for something that would see limited use, especially since photoshop can do most of the same things. but i'll definitely rent it for $25 per weekend a few more times.