Tuesday, December 12, 2006

sometimes i think this lens was designed specifically for taking pictures of uno

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  1. wow! your cat likes her cage? when i was younger my mom and i would bring my cat to the vet. he was a big cat and my mom would go into the bathroom with the cat and the cat cage, close the bathroom door so the cat couldn't run away, and basically stuff the cat into the cage. usually my mom would get many scratches on her arms. we told the vet about our cat's really not liking the cage and he suggested that we bring our cat to the vet in a pillow case. so for the next few years that is exactly what we did. i always got to hold the cat in the bag and then i'd open the hole of the pillow case a little bit, just enough so he could stick his nose and ears out.

    syzygy is amazing, and i mean that in every possible way. i am having so much fun. practices are great. rookies look sweet - tryouts are in a week. cool, and phil share this story and such with paige, will you? and paige thanks for the comments on my blog!

    :) alissa